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Artık Neurons Inc Türkiye Partneriyiz! - NEURO-MAR | Nöro Pazarlama ve İletişim Danışmanlığı

Artık Neurons Inc Türkiye Partneriyiz!

Artık Neurons Inc Türkiye Partneriyiz!

Artık Neurons Inc Türkiye Partneriyiz!

Türkiye’de nöropazarlamayı bir adım otesine taşıyabilmek için danışmanlık hizmetlerimizi, Neurons’un dünya çapında deneyimleriyle birleştirdik. Facebook, Google, Twitter gibi global markalarla yürütülen nöropazarlama çalışmalarını artık Türkiye ve Ortadoğu’da da göreceğiz!

Aşağıda partnerliğimizle ilgili yayınlanan basın bültenini okuyabilirsiniz.

Neurons Inc is happy to announce a new partnership agreement with Neuro-mar, a leading marketing and communication consultancy company in Turkey.

With this expansion, Neurons Inc is now able to give better understanding and personalized service across the Turkey and Middle East. These areas are full of opportunities and business entrepreneurs that have now access to tailor-made, better insights about their consumers.

“We look forward to bringing higher impact to our customers in collaboration with Neurons Inc.” Says Seda Genç, founder of Neuro-mar Consultancy. “We share the same vision of providing accurate insights to our customers with Neurons Inc. By combining Neurons Inc’s expertise and our solutions, we can define exciting new opportunities for businesses in Turkey. Together, we’ll turn insights into actionable strategy to enable our customers to achieve their marketing objectives.”

Both parties are very excited and have already started defining working standards that guarantee the finest quality of research results.

From the headquarters in Denmark, Neurons Inc. CEO Thomas Z. Ramsøy‎ says: “As part of our strategy of expanding applied neuroscience globally, Turkey has always been in our interest, as an important geographical position between Europe and the Middle East. I am very happy that we are now represented by Neuro-Mar in Istanbul, and look forward to working with clients in that region”

To read more about both companies, visit: www.neuro-mar.com and www.neuronsinc.com

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